Saturday, 26 September 2009

Who says it's over?

We are anchored very close to the huge bridge that crosses the Rio Dulce here in Fronteras. Usually the sound of the big lorries coming down the hill is overwhelming, they have something called 'jake' brakes that sound like a hydraulic drill at full throttle. Well there seem to be far fewer lorries around and I was wondering if that's a sign of the economic downturn.

Laying in bed( I do a lot of random thinking in bed) last night I also recalled that when we first arrived here the local supermarket was full of people shopping, in fact it was hard work shouldering your way past men with guns, women with babies strapped to their backs, yet our recent visits have been to a place with clear and usually unpopulated aisles...

A number of the marina's are not full, unusual for this time of year and Mario's where we spent two seasons is like a morgue. Last time we visited, a week ago, only four boats were occupied, the restaurant has shortened its hours and it's menu.

I read that as far as 'our leaders' are concerned financial disastar has been averted. The bankers are claiming victory and everything is well. It sure doesn't feel like it from where I am sitting. Our disposable income has dropped by 25% due to the exchange rate difference. Unemployment is up in both the UK and USA and the President of Guatemala has announced a state of emergency where the drought in the East of the country is causing widespread famine.

Does that sound like a world in command of itself?

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