Sunday, 6 September 2009

Some People...

What is it with some people?

Here we are anchored in the most beautiful natural surroundings. Butterflies flit like painted rainbows over the boat, startling white cattle egrets fly like origami birds from one side of the bay to the other. Vultures soar on the thermals as the day builds heat over the land and the indignant squawking of a flock of parrots fills the air as they untidily flap their way from tree to tree.

The wind rustles the leaves, small wavelets slap against the hull and the buzzing of insects and croaking of frogs all add to the symphony of nature.


Why oh why do some people have to play their stereo systems at a level that must be unimaginably painful up close and downright antisocial even a long way away? Is it compensation for a small dick? A desperate' gee mom look at me ain't I clever' personality deficiency?

Well it's horrid, and a really nasty form of environmental pollution.


Esan Man said...

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Second Summit said...

Where I live we look at each other, wry grins firmly in place, and nod sagely. "Someone got a set of bass speakers for Christmas," one of us says. "Yep," replies the other, "we can only hope he wears it out quickly."

I'm with you: it's a horrid, nasty form of pollution, whether it's good music or bad, or 'just' an unmuffled engine or 20.

Gerry said...

Nice to hear from you Second Summit. When are you coming back to the boat, she looks lonely without you!