Wednesday, 16 September 2009

On-line conferences!

We have been back up river for a few days. Re-provisioning, refueling and catching up with friends who are returning to their boats after months of traveling/visiting their homes.

It's lovely to see everyone again and hear about their various adventures.

Yesterday was Guatemala's Independence Day and so throughout the weekend the river has been extremely busy with what seems like every boat out and loaded down with parties! A great time appears to have been had by all, I must say that the wash was pretty overwhelming at times. We were sincerely glad not to have been fending the boat off from an unforgiving dock.

I haven't seen too much of TBH. He's busy programming and answering emails. It's amazing this world of ours. Yesterday we set up an online conference, on the boat, via wifi to connect ourselves with Chile via the USA. Makes my mind boggle! We can share computer screens with our customer, talk them through a presentation, in real time and even record the session for discussion at a later date, wow. Fiendishly clever.

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