Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sometimes life is good!

We have had a lovely day.

Our anchorage is just perfect, calm and protected from most weathers. Last night the Tropical rains fell really hard and we were able to fill our tanks again. It's the wonderful part of the rainy season; no jerry jugging gallons of water in the dinghy!

I celebrated by washing the sheets, which quickly dried in the gentle warm breeze.

As the weather is relatively cool, just about 90 degrees today(I did say all things are relative), I had a baking fest. Quiche Lorraine x 2, cherry and almond muffins, potato salad. Yummy stuff.

TBH was kept busy with Yalaworld, it is getting a lot of coverage at the moment and he is fully occupied answering queries and telling the world about his amazing new concept.

So after an hours swimming around the boat we settled down for the evening.

I have been bidding for ages on ebay for a manual coffee grinder. The old fashioned hand operated wall mounted cast iron type. To date I have been beaten at the final fence, usually the internet fails just at the vital moment but tonight I was successful!!!

Delivery to my daughter ready for them to bring out at their next visit. I am so excited...

And finally a wonderful sunset just to round off a happy and fulfilling day. Sleep well...

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