Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Tomato thieves on Rio!

Jeannie (sv Oasis) came to the boat yesterday in a state of indignation. She and Jim had been the recipient of one of Bob's baby tomato plants. They have loved and nurtured it to maturity.Then. just as their one and only fruit was ripening nicely SOMEBODY has stolen it.The tomato not the plant...

What a mean and despicable thing to do. Gone were their visions of the perfect BLT, gone was the sense of satisfaction of sinking their teeth into the well formed scarlet flesh of their very own beefsteak tomato. Fie I say! Shame on you, you perfidious tomato wrangler....

So early this morning I went on my tomato patrol. Armed with a squeezy bottle of ketchup, well I packed two, one in each hand. Sadly no succes, the thieves have flown. Taking my own security precautions in the face of this outrageous 'War on Tomatoes' I plucked my crop of ripening fruits.

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