Saturday, 29 November 2008

Radio Ga-Ga

I love the medium of radio, much better than TV. I love its immediacy and the tone of people's voices as they communicate...

Listening to the BBC World Service over the SSB whilst in isolated anchorages gives me a sense of the distances that we have come and what a massive place the world is. Struggling to hear the news headlines through the crackles and hisses transports me to a world of romance and adventure like nothing else.

Radio's play a big part in the cruising life. SSB for the long distance (usually) exchange of information. The rescue operations, which become addictive as a real life reality show plays itself out across the airwaves. Cruisers nets, collecting emails.

And then there is the VHF. Mostly for talking at close quarters, hailing ports and other ships. And of course the 'local cruisers net'.That daily show where treasures of the bilge are exchanged, events advertised and boat to boat contacts made.

Over the years I have heard a number of surreal requests and statements over these community based transmissions but this morning has to take the biscuit!

There was an unexpected death on one of the boats based on the river, natural causes it seems but tragic never the less. This morning a request was made for 'a computer expert' who would forge a marriage certificate!It appears that the couple on board were not legally married and so, of course, there are problems with bodies etc.. I wasn't at all sure that I was hearing clearly...but yes there it was again, repeated for those who didn't hear it first time! Doesn't matter what country any one will do! But the request was real enough.

What can you say??? Yup, sure lets break the law and broadcast it at the same time...ooh whoopee!! Real life radio Ga Ga!!


Una said...

hi gerry,
i, too, love radio! how wonderfully well you describe it .... a sense of distances whilst in isolated places, transporting to a world of romance and adventure. when i used to go into the bush for months on end, i too listened and struggled to hear through the crackle and hisses for news of our next food drop, what was happening in the world, the voice of a loved one far away, and occasionally i was lucky enough to be able to tune into a radio show or radio reader. what treats those were! thank you for reminding me of those delights.

i'll have you know, although i am not one to follow a blog, yours is one i do regularly "check into" ... if that is the correct parlance. you write beautifully, and your blog is a treat.

i hope you and geoffrey are well. do drop me a line. i would love to hear from you.
love, una xxx
p.s. did you ever get my email?

Gerry said...

Thank you kindly!
We are well and busy, email on its way to you....