Friday, 7 November 2008

Sunrise and Tomatoes.

This is a nice site for tracking storms in the Caribbean. Hurricane Paloma is heading directly for Grand Cayman as I type this and then on to Cuba...again. I wonder what we will see when we get back there next year? They seem to have had more than their fair share of hits this season.
If you are interested these webcams from the Caymans are beginning to show the degenerating conditions on the island.Not sure how long they will be transmitting for though...

Whilst surfing last night I found this site on knot tying. Wonderful animations on how to get those lumps of rope to do what you want! Perfect for the likes of me who are somewhat spatially challenged when it comes to transferring book instructions into a three dimensional world!

We were wakened rather too early by a telephone call this morning so unable to return to sleep I went on deck to watch the sun rise over the hill known as 'monkey mountain'. It was beautiful. A flaming red sunrise reflected in the waters of the Rio. A bit chilly but with that freshness to the quality of the air that reminds me of an English summer day. Even the birds seemed noisier than usual. They were scrabbling over the tin roof of the restaurant, must have been a lot of bugs up there.

We have a fair sized gecko in residence in the cockpit. He is to be encouraged as he's getting nice and fat on the ants that try to infest the place from time to time. I enjoy seeing him dash out from behind the fuel can to capture an unsuspecting morsel. I think he's having a great time in amongst the tomato foliage! We had a superb couple of ripe fruit yesterday and looks like harvest time is fast approaching. Hopefully 3 or 4 more to pick today. They really do taste superb. Sweet and juicy. A few of the fruit are massive, the size of a large orange and still growing. Maybe we will manage one to reach the one and a half pound weight advertised on the seed package.

So from a bad start the tomatoes are doing well. The downturn in temperature has helped considerably. They appear to grow much better in the shade and need a great deal of water. Not to be recommended at sea but here on the dock quite manageable!

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