Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Harvest Time.

Yesterday marked the end of a short but prolific period of tomato growing on the boat. As the weather has turned much colder and I have got more and more fed up with the encroaching foliage it was time to call a halt to the experiment!

Harvesting the rest of the green fruit, I am confident that I can ripen them below decks over the next few weeks, it was a pleasant surprise to estimate that we got approximately 20lbs of tomatoes from the plants. I am working my way through a large file of tomato recipes now...

We wrestled the plants from the deck to the dock, stuffed them in to black plastic bags and transported them to the burning area of the marina! The staff watched with amazement at the size of these things!

Last night as we settled down to watch a recent BBC series on Venice, excellent production, we dined on my version of pizza. I had a packet of English Muffins that needed eating so I split them and toasted one side, flipped them over and spread a teaspoon of pesto on each. Topped that with a slice of ripe beefsteak tomato(!) and then a layer of goats cheese. Grilled it until the cheese was browned and bubbling. Delicious and appropriate to the entertainment...

The deck is a bit grimy but nothing that our end of season clean-up won't shift. A bit of insect infestation, small ants. Quickly dispersed with a spray of ant-killer. No excuses now for not putting TBH up the mast to replace the wind instruments, damn.

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