Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

...unless you are a turkey of course when it's a BAD day for you! Except the one that gets pardoned by no-less a person than the President of the USA.

That's right here we are in the middle of the mother-of-all financial meltdowns and Bush is out there on the lawn pardoning a turkey. No, not Cheney you fools, one of the white feathered variety.

You have to love the good 'ole USA don't you??

Supposedly the 'pardoned' bird makes it's way via a first class flight(assisted) to Disney where it is Honorary Grand Marshall of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. And they actually believe this stuff!

Personally I think there is sufficient photographic evidence around to warrant asking some serious questions about the integrity of G.W., and we're not just talking turkey here either folks!


John said...

Hi, Gerry.

At least this isn't the turkey pardoned by Sarah Palin!! Did you see the video of her at the turkey farm in Wasilla? While she was being interviewed, poor turkeys were being slaughtered right behind her - blood everywhere. She, as always, was oblivious!!!

Hope you guys are doing well. See you in February.

Beth Tally

Gerry said...

Hi Beth and John

Yes i did see it - what can I say! Have a good holiday see you in 2009


Una said...

Hi Gerry,

I was going to add my own comment about the turkey pardoned by our homegrown non-presidential turkey ... but the comment was already made, and you did see the video (quel disastre .... as Beth says, she has no clue but she is led by God .... oh dear!). As far as ..."You have to love the good 'ole USA don't you??" .... i don't know - sometimes there are real tears instead of laughter. But, be that as it may, i love the idea of a day in which to give thanks ... thanks for friends, family, health, love, dogs and not being mired in the Congo .... SO,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Geoffrey!

I hope to see you soonish ....
Love, Una

Gerry said...

Hurry back...the inmates are taking over the asylum!!


Radar, Melonie, and Bob Taylor said...

Now less than half of us Americans are as you describe asshole.
I think in these days we should all work really hard to be kind to each other.
Sorry for the smack. Let's be kind and forgiving.

Gerry said...

...and working on developing a sense of humour! Kiss, kiss!

Radar, Melonie, and Bob Taylor said...

Sorry... Must have been the Tequila. I am not normally so outwardly patriotic.
But again I must say that not all of us from America are quite so Bush.

Hope life is good for you folks on the River. We may see you this Spring.