Sunday, 6 July 2008

Back in the Rio.

Well it's been a mixed bag the last couple of weeks. After a week anchored on the Rio we came back in to Mario's, the first time we have returned to the same place since we have been cruising! And ever since it has rained, and I mean really rained. Much more than we had this time last year here. The water is within a foot or so of the top of the dock and as we have been rising by up to 8 inches in one 24 hour period things could get a little interesting.

Life here is the same, only different if you get my meaning! Well I know what I mean! Different set of boats, new people, new activities, same setting...

We have been busy preparing TBH's book for the printer which has been quite a struggle with the internet lines not at all reliable. The wire was stolen for the second time last week and has just been repaired again today, hence the blog! Apparently with the rise in copper prices this wire theft is a worldwide phenomenon so at least we don't feel it's personal. So fingers crossed that we will have a longer run this time...

I have been going through the boat and listing the jobs to do, TBH has been doing the same topsides. Next season will involve a long sail to windward, again, aaggh. We are committed to the Heineken Regatta in St Martens so a lot of work on sails and canvas to get through in the next couple of months. The UV strip on the staysail is starting to fail and i want to restitch the sail in a few places. We also need to do some repairs to the batten pockets on the main so thats another job.

The family underwater!

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