Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Passage to the Rio

Well with 620 miles behind us and a five day passage we have arrived safely back in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala. All in all it was a pleasant and uneventful trip. Not enough wind and too much motoring but we made an average of 5kts and are well pleased with both our own performances and that of the boat.

After some final adjustments to the new course computer for the autopilot it was a great feeling to have that working again. We use the Monitor, self-steering gear whenever possible but that will not handle the boat under engine with absolutely no wind, which is what out final 3 days entailed! Sadly we caught no fish but lost a new and expensive lure when we sailed the boat through a seething bait ball of fish, I am kicking myself as I had altered course on seeing a large flock of birds diving on the ocean and we must have run across some BIG Tuna as the line, 300lbs breaking strain, was snapped with a massive bang. That was a big one that got away!

We crossed the bar at the mouth of the Rio just after dawn on Sunday morning, along with the entire shrimping fleet, it was the first day of the new season we found out later. We felt in good shape after our trip and once we had dealt with the formalities, gone ashore to pay the fees and do some shopping we headed straight up river. We came as far as Texan bay, just in the Golfete where we have put down the anchor back amongst the verdant, lush jungle and are savouring the pleasures of calm waters and quiet days. The excellent restaurant at the new marina here has sated our immediate quest for restaurant food and we are regrouping ourselves and the boat before we go back to Mario's for the hurricane season.

Cuba was a great success and one that we will certainly hope to repeat before the end of the year!

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