Saturday, 12 July 2008

A life on the ocean's wave...

...or not, as the case may be!

There is a wide variety of people who would describe themselves as 'liveaboard's'. From the world girdling circumnavigator to the part time snowbird who migrates to follow the sun as the Northern latitudes suffer uncomfortably cold seasonal changes. The likes of us who cruise gently around the ocean to the one's who have put their anchor firmly into the dock.

This idea from the Swedish company Bopahavet certainly is an interesting concept.We meet a fair few sailors, who having done their share of sailing, still want the sense of living on the water but have no intention of really voyaging again. This houseboat idea would be a perfect solution, mobile enough to change the view from time to time but still satisfying the desire to live ON the water.

Not too sure about the design of this particular model though...

Still the company appear to have a few more traditional looking vessels too!

It's Swopmeet Saturday and although trade on the Rio is a little slow, I noticed a large ice-maker on one of the table's this morning. I have written at length about refrigeration and those of you who have followed the blog will remember my great excitement when we made our technological breakthrough of finally purchasing some vertical ice trays for our refrigerator. We can produce a daily total of TWELVE large cubes, unimagined luxury.(It only took us eight years to break the back of this challenge.) TBH came back to the boat a moment ago and suggested if we bought the icemaker we would not have to run the engine to cool our mechanical refrigerator every day whilst we are at the dock. I was really surprised by that idea. TBH is usually the first to veto any complication of our simple lifestyle, could he be softening???Although tempted we have decided not to! We do not intend to stay tied up so long this season...

And finally.. Whilst surfing the Yachting World website I came across this new film that has just been released about Eric Taberly, one of the greatest sailors of recent years. We had the privilege of being rafted up with one of his boats some years ago whilst in Tangier, Morocco. The film looks great.

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