Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Well we are slowly making our re-entry to the world of the Rio and cruising! I cannot believe how much STUFF we managed to haul back from our visit to Florida... I mean how could I ever have thought that I could not live without a Tinkerbell wand and head dress??

You know sometimes I do question my sanity, no lets be honest I question it many times a day.

We were successful in our`search for all kinds of boat parts including a new arm for the anemometer, a steal TBH tells me at $600 + . I think I would rather not know what speed the wind is blowing at with that price tag attached. After all when it gets that windy what difference does knowing the speed make.

So many different moments in our trip that I am having trouble deciding which to write about. Last time we visited Disney, some 10 years ago, I was REALLY scared on lots of the rides and spent most of my time with my eyes firmly shut. This time I LOVED them all, no nausea, no fear, no leaping stomach. After some nasty ocean moments it all seemed rather tame!

But TBH didn't fare so well... he refused my offer of another spin on The Men In Black ride as he felt so sick and passed on The Mummy too! Ah these men just can't take the pace can they!

TBH, with 2 guns, and me (back row). Please note that I scored 4x as many with my ONE weapon as he did with two-yah!

So bear with me as my time is spent clearing out the old 'stuff' to make space for the new generation... should all be stowed away soon and normal service will be resumed.

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Faustina said...

Thats awesome, lol. Who could ever go without a Tinkerbell wand? I know I can't go without my fairy princess gear.