Monday, 23 August 2010

Keeping it in perspective.

My state of mind really seems to affect how my day goes, not to mention week. It's been an odd few days, being  the 'dog days' of Summer again and the 21st anniversary of my last husband's death I have been feeling a bit down. Even as you remember all the good times that you had  it causes the opening of old memories and wounds, thank god TBH understands how irrational I can be during this time of year.

Just love this picture, is your glass half full or half empty???

I spent yesterday chatting to the kids and losing myself in memories, self indulgent I know but hey, it's only once a year right.

Then the computer that TBH uses for his work started to play up. The screen wouldn't come on although we could hear the innards working away, then the disc stopped working. This kind of problem sends me into a tail spin. I guess it's because I feel totally out of my depth in this area of life. Computers are like a black art as far as I am concerned.

Surgery commenced, connections checked. Damn, the thing is only two years old. Then to top it all we found that the hard drive containers that we carry for just such an eventuality(mean we can get the stuff off the memory) don't fit this computer. F...g hell why does everything have to be so difficult. TBH remains calm, as he so rightly tells me it's only a computer, we will survive, we have another one, nobody is dead....I really must learn to keep things in perspective.

Makes me feel vulnerable though.


SV Dragonheart said...

You are right it is only once a year and god love TBH. It is cathartic.

The computer...they are the bane of our existence.

Second Summit said...

I feel your pain; my love-hate relationship with computers is much calmer now that I've switched to Mac, but on occasion ... Zowie.

On the other hand, the picture you've included is marvelous! Where did you find it?


Gerry said...

I still want to throw the computer overboard but TBH is restraining me!
Picture came from surfing the net, great isn't it?
When are you back to the river?