Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I love...

...the sound of rain on the cabin roof, reminds me of camping when I was a kid.

Waking up to a blue sky over my head EVERY morning, then remembering that the raincover over the hatch is sky blue.

The gentle caress of a warm breeze floating down the hatch as I lie in bed, until it turns to stinging tropical rain.

TBH curled up in slumber, blonde hair standing on end, until he snores like the 12.22 express from Paddington.

I love the luxury of ice cubes in my glass of water, until they melt in zero seconds flat 'cos it's so friggin' hot here.

The elegant origami like egrets that fly across the boat, til the bastards crap on the sailcover.

I love the surprised look on a cormarants face when it surfaces next to me in the water, aagghhhh!

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