Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Web 3.0

Long time... no blog!

Thank you to those who are concerned that all is well with my world. Yes it is, in fact, in many ways, it has never been better.

I have alluded to the genius of TBH many times, probably to the intense irritation of many. Sorry! But he is, a genius I mean.

It can be an onerous task taking responsibility for the well being of such a creature. In many ways it's like owning a racehorse. Keeping it at the prime of condition as it prepares to run a big race. More so over a length of time. Possibly a better analogy would be a marathon runner.

When TBH is in thought mode he is a strange creature. Totally focused on the cerebral concept that he is grappling with. As Einstein said."Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work". That means, in our case that life can be turned upside down as everything revolves around the astonishing concepts that TBH is wrestling with. Night becomes day. Meals are taken erratically. Conversations are taxing and stimulating. My poor brain struggles to keep up with the powerful exercise thrown it's way...

OK I guess that statement sounds pretty wacky to many but you'd better believe it!

As Yala has developed both intellectually and practically, we have often felt that we have been swimming against the tide. Naive, mad, unsound. We have had all those accusations, and more, thrown our way. One particular technical forum became so frustrated that they accused him of selling snake oil. Boy that got me mad. Ten years of development, $$$$ of investment and they think it's smoke and mirrors. Sigh. Ah well, who ever said that the path to enlightenment was simple.

So, finally, it is wonderful to hear the world starting to talk TBH's language. To talk about web 3.0. The next generation of the internet. No, not the banal super advertising direction that many believe will happen, not the over charged web search engines that, to me, simply, appears to fuel a highly targeted advertising industry (God forbid). But the fact that by using the internet, and of course the Yala, we can combine the resources of our wonderful human minds and actually GET SMARTER. Goodness knows we need to. As our world accelerates into the abyss of ecological, financial and social disaster somewhere along the line we need to take control again. Unite our thoughts to halt the slide into a moral bankruptcy.

So you heard it here first folks! The last couple of weeks interest has risen sharply in what TBH is saying, the ancient philosophies and wisdom that he incorporates into his thinking are beginning to gain traction in the slippery world of political and business ambition. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a look at this video, it can maybe explain better than I the thought behind this project of ours.

And of course sailing has been a great inspiration to us both. You know when you are employed there is never time to just think. To explore the ideas that so often fly rapidly across your consciousness only to disappear over the horizon just as you reach out to grasp them. For both of us the ocean, life on a boat has opened new doors. A lot of them physical (some of them I'd rather had remained closed) but many of them simply thoughtful.

I can't speak for TBH, well I try but it's not really on is it! But for me sailing has revealed aspects of my character that have both surprised and appalled me. In learning about myself, how I react to external stimuli, I am beginning to find an inner peace and acceptance of my role in life. And do you know what, it's a strangely moving experience!

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