Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Treading water.

Depending on your perspective I live the perfect life (although I would disagree with that statement on a regular basis).

Sailing a boat around the world, visiting exotic locations, eating gourmet food....
...I live in a 40' x 13' space that is never fixed. Use an old fashioned washing dolly to do the weekly laundry in water that I have caught from the sky.Making all our food from scratch, catching fish and constantly repairing things!
The truth of course is somewhere  in the middle of those two scenario's.

Life on a boat (I prefer boat, yacht has too many 'luxury' conoctations) is certainly challenging at times, even downright terrifying.It can also be the most blissful,calming, natural existence you could possibly imagine.
Not that it is for everyone mind you. Type A personalities find it exceedingly difficult to adapt to a lifestyle that, first and foremost, is dictated by Mother Nature. She can be a demanding authority too!

In the current climate of frugality, economic uncertainty, stress and despair it occured to me that the way of life I have embraced has taught me many things about surviving in a world that is no longer a familiar place.

Not that I am asking you to believe that my life revolves around frugality! Hedonism is far more my style - but pure hedonism. The delight and glory of one perfect moment, one ideal creation. Zen if you like.

Those moments when the sails are set correctly, the wind blowing just strong enough, the sun not too hot and the boat creaming her way across a blue ocean. Eager to experience the next anchorage, water chuckling behind me as I stand at the wheel.

It doesn't happen all the time, not by any stretch of the imagination! But when it does you are transported to another level, another world.
If you ride a horse it's the same sensation when the animal is going forward 'on the bit', a sense of flying and floating across the ground.

So as we wait out another hurricane season it's those memories that sustain me, the thought that there will be many more of those moments to come.

And in the meantime I treasure the tiny things. The sight of a small turtle pushing it's way through the mangrove swamp yesterday morning.Head high, feet shoveling like crazy, shell bobbing in the ripples. I don't know where he was heading but boy did he have a sense of purpose!

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