Monday, 26 July 2010

Spider tennis.

Here in the jungle there are LOTS of creepy crawly things, reptiles and insects and WORSE!
I try not to think about the WORSE stuff too often. We religiously keep the fly screens in place, day and night. And there is always a can of bug killer at hand. Makes me feel safe, sort of.

Now I am no shrinking violet and can cope with most things, exceptions being rats and leeches. Yuck. Just writing that sentence has made me squirm...

One part of the day that I love here is around 4pm. The relentless heat is beginning to subside and there's no sign of the dusk driven mosquitoes and other blood sucking lovelies of the Tropics. I usually take a break up on deck then. Sat in the corner of the cockpit with my current book and a long iced drink..

So there I was yesterday when something caught my eye, glancing up I look with horror at the Tarzan of jungle spiders swinging towards the boat on a thread of web that must have been made of steel to hold the bodyweight of this bugger. It was so big I could see it's eyes, and that's without putting my spectacles on! I swear I could hear it yelling "Ah A ah a ah"!! beating it's chest with all six of it's legs that weren't clinging to the thread.It even looked a bit like Johnny Weismuller.

Bloody hell! I grabbed TBH's abandoned flip flop, and with an almighty swing batted the creature back into the jungle. Yeah!  Game, set and match to the middle aged matron with the devastating forehand!!

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SV Dragonheart said...

I feel just like you do about insects and crawlies. Good on you. One for our side.