Monday, 12 April 2010

Sunday sailing.

Sunday saw us having a delightful sail upriver. After some days of grey and rainy skies we were treated to fluffy white clouds and gentle breezes, actually going in the direction that we wanted for a change. It's sod's law that whenever you set off the wind will almost inevitably decided to settle itself right on the nose. Not so this time. We had planned on staying where we were for a while longer but the call of the breeze was too strong and within minutes we were off. Sails up, engine off and sitting comfortably back, perched in my favourite spot on the portside cockpit combing. Ah bliss, was there ever a better way to spend a Sunday?
It was the sort of lazy drive in the countryside that is so much a part of Middle England. Time to see the leaves flutter on the trees, hear a distant chicken announcing the arrival of its latest egg with a soft cackling cluck.
Not another boat to be seen for miles, what a treat they were missing. The day was so blissful that we just kept on going, past our intended anchorage, through the jetskis of the holidaymakers and under the bridge. A little more challenging that with a bit of a current running against us and a dying breeze but we did it. Sailed through in style!

And on still further, past marinas, and bars and women doing their washing. Till finally we came to the 'Castillo de San Felipe' .(See above.) Immaculately restored by a proud nation it stands still guarding the entrance to Lago Izabel. Cannons bristling from the ramparts. It must have been a daunting obstacle in days of yore...

We felt obliged to turn to each other and roar piratical commands 'Look lively there you filthy swab"
TBH looked somewhat aghast and mildly asked if I fancied a cup of tea, then with a glint in his eye suggested 'breaking out the rum'!

Talking of rum, I see that the youngest daughter has "Sailor Jerry's Rum' on the menu at her restaurant, do you think she means me???


Ken said...

What a wonderful thing to do on a quiet Sunday. Your description of the day sail was beguiling. Enjoying all of your posts and associated adventures.

Gerry said...

Oh and it was a wonderful sail! So glad you are enjoying my chunterings...maybe they'll get a little more exciting one of these days!