Friday, 30 April 2010

It's a strange world.

It's been a strange week. I think that I have to blame the excessive heat. With the temperature regularly at over 100 degrees life has slowed down to almost a virtual halt. When the air starts to feel like treacle due to the high humidity you just have to give in. There is nothing tangible to fight against so you may as well accept the torpid pace that is the only way to survive. In my case I find that difficult to do with any grace and, certainly, very little elegance! Hard to be calm when the sweat is literally pouring from every part of your body. When the decks of the boat are so hot it is physically impossible to walk across them!

We get up at 5am, do all the necessary jobs in the fiirst couple of hours 'cos by 8.30am all you can do is concentrate on keeping the sweat to a minimum. regular showers, like every hour, lots of fluids and understanding that the irritability is heat driven!

Little cooking, just too dam hot!

We have removed ourselves downstream again to a nice swimming bay so that is an improvement, and today we even have a little breeze to ease things.

I am watching the run up to the UK General Election with trepidation. What a poisoned chalice awaits the new incumbent, I cannot believe that Gordon Brown will be reelected after the mess and almost irreparable damage he has inflicted on my country, but I wouldn't like to be in the oppositions shoes either. The British people are in for a really hard time in the coming decades, we ain't seen anything yet......

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to grow, wonder if BP will ever be held accountable for the complete failure of all their so-called safety systems? Cruisers here who are headed that way are concerned enough to change their routes away from the area, can't say I blame them.

As we pulled in to the anchorage this afternoon back came the mangrove swallows, diving at the boat. All ready with nesting materials to lay claim to the hollow in the boom and the gap in the roller-furling drum. But I stopped the little buggers with the judicial use of a couple of binliners. Ha! 

It's a strange old world!

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