Monday, 19 April 2010


I have been having great fun in recent months trying to cook different things. The main criteria has to be that the recipe chosen must be something that in a previous lifeIi would have thought too complicated or time consuming to attempt...or a food that brings back lots of memories.

This weeks creation was profiteroles with chocolate sauce, yum.
As a kid one of the treats was a visit to Lyons Corner House in Marble Arch, London. I don't think it's still there but it was an institution in during my formative years. Within sight of the big triumphal archway in the centre of the road just into Oxford Street, I associate it with all sorts of things. the orthodontist, yup braces were in even then! Sightseeing, loads of shopping expeditions.

There were three huge restaurants down an escalator, that added to the excitment. A long concourse and the first one was the Silver Tray. A sort of cafeteria, self service number. Bit of a disappointment if the parents chose that one. Tinned tomato soup, sandwiches, boring. Next along was the Haywain, waitresses in gingham overalls, chicken pies and fish and chips. But the ultimate, the one my heart always desired was the |Star Grill. Oh the sophistication! Little white aprons and those funny white paper hat things. It all seemed so chic!
But best of all were the profiteroles, a white bowl with 4 or 5 balls of light, crispy choux pastry, stuffed with cream and covered with a rich chocolate sauce. Ah sweet memories!

So finally this week I made them, they came out a treat! And the sauce was a triumph, so much so that I am going to share the recipe with you...

200g good quality plain cooking chocolate
30g unsalted butter
3tbsp honey
125ml milk

Melt the chocolate, butter and honey in a pan over a pan of simmering water until all melted.
Whisk in milk until smooth.

Thats it, simple huh? Totally delish.

My thanks to Ann from Galivant who generously gave us some of the honey from her own bees and to Judy from Lapis who left me her supply of chocolate when she and Woody returned to Canada. It's not going to waste girls!

(Had to use an internet pic as we ate them all! Mine looked just the same though, really!)

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