Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Contentment is a good pizza.

It has been a busy couple of days. Finally the rain has stopped. It was great to get a real downpour. I would guess that the farmers locally must be delighted to see an end to the parched weeks that we have been having. On the plus side it filled our tanks with wonderful fresh clean rainwater on the minus side we discovered a leak in the hanging cupboard..aagh!

Out came all the clothes, some needed washing to remove the small stains and then on with the detective job of finding the hole. Looking through the portlight the most obvious place seemed to be the traveller track. Just above the leak was a fixing, a large screw with a nut that was then covered with fibreglass. Hoping that it would be that simple and not one of those nasty referred leaks that actually spring yards from where they originate we set to with chisel, screwdriver and patience. As TBH worked to expose the fitting it became obvious that there had been a problem here some time in the past. That raised our hopes that we were on the right track! (Pun)

It wasn't too complicated and we now have fingers crossed that the repair will hold!~

Today I was reading a posting on YBW that asked about the costs to cruise. The 'how long is a piece of string' perennial! One poster said that he felt you needed enough money to mainatin the same lifestyle that you had in a house. I couldn't disagree more. The freedom to experience the satisfaction of enjoying the smaller things in life is priceless. The time to savour a job done well, to read a good book, all these cost nothing. I woud not go back to the high pressure life that we led before under any circumstances. Yes my bank balance is certainly a lot smaller but as TBH is wont to say "You can put your money in the bank and it will probably still be there tomorrow but the days of your life end every evening. Not one can be relived".

Too bloody true mate!

So to reward him for being a wonderful partner I made pizza for lunch. As good as any from Pizza Express and in surroundings that a suburban eatery can never hope to emulate....

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