Friday, 3 July 2009


Hard to believe that it's almost 3 months since we left the Rio....

We have come ashore to use the internet and I have been taking the opportunity to catch up on the latest news. My goodness a lot seems to have happened; coup in Honduras, President of Guatemala accused from 'beyond the grave' of murder, and the death of Michael Jackson!

Our big news is that we have bought a fishfinder to act as a depth gauge. It's a wonderful bit of kit that we have now got up and working. It offers so much more than the plain old B&G kit. I can actually see the fish swimming under the boat!

We had bought a spare transducer for the boat system when we were in Florida last year. the existing one had gone a little 'deaf' with age and we thought it time to renew. Of course after the lightning strike, which took out that bit of kit too we set about replacing it. It was the wrong part number doh!

Well at least we tried...

It's been a trying time as we have faced a series of problems, I begin to see why folks get worn down by cruising. However TBH has helped by allowing me to let of steam verbally and understanding my frustrations and fears. On balance though we would far rather be doing this than anything else, so happy we remain, most of the time!

If you were not of a practical bent though I can see just how hard this lifestyle must be. There is an intreresting thread on the YBW liveaboard thread talking about the stress of the cruyising life. Sure, it's unrealistic to imagine that sailing is stress free. But to us this is 'real' strees. Dealing with problems and situations that have a limited time span and a real solution. Unlike the unquantifiable stress of a bad boss, uncertain job market etc.

No its not for all but it seems to continue to be the right lifestyle for us....

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