Thursday, 9 July 2009

Rolly nights.

It's been a rough week, literally. Every night we have had a pretty hefty squall blowing through the anchorage. Winds 25 plus knots and a massive display of thunder and lightning.

The night hours are punctuated by a new routine...

Put the computers, hand held instruments and telephone into the oven. It acts as a faraday cage and should protect them in case of another strike. Disconnect the boat VHF. Turn off all electrical systems. Tie down the blades of the wind generator, that does a good impersonation of a landing helicopter when wind speeds exceed 25k. I find the noise adds significantly to my stress level!

We then move from our usual at anchor berth in the bow of the boat into the salon and our sea berths.

It constantly amazes me how one minute the sea can be a roaring mass of waves and the air filled with the howling of wind through the rigging and then almost immediately all goes quiet, the wind drops and very quickly the sea calms... It's like magic!

Last night was one of the worst we have had. The winds came from the south for a while, the least protected part of this anchorage and we were subjected to a sizable swell. That's not too bad and we have a lot of chain out so hobby horsing is livable with. Then of course the wind moves into the East leaving us broadside to the waves, nasty!

We had a significant roll going last night, thankfully we always keep the boat in 'sea-going' mode and apart from the odd loose book and rattle of china there were no nasty surprises. A couple of hours after it began it was all over.

Coming ashore this morning though we realized, once again the power of the water, the fuel dock has now totally collapsed after the earthquake damage. Most of it is underwater. The diving school next to it is also fast disappearing beneath the water line despite the owners strenuous efforts to rebuild it faster than it's sinking!

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SV Dragonheart said...

the lightening here has been fearsome. I am sure it is the same or worse there. We do the same at night. Unplug and into to the oven.

On another note, I have a KINDLE! It is awesome. Email me!