Friday, 17 July 2009

Moving on...

Our time here in Belize is nearly over as we start to wend our way back to the Rio to hole up for the remainder of the hurricane season. In fact TBH is busy checking out as I type this note!

It hasn't been the experience we were expecting, but somehow that isn't too much of a surprise!

I am still not sure what I think of this country. The people have a VERY laid back attitude, which is great unless you want to get something done. Then it quickly becomes a pain in the proverbial.

I guess they are really suffering from the economic downturn, with a main dollar earner in tourism everywhere is quiet and there is an air of desperation about the place. Businesses seem to be closing everyday, terrific cheap deals at all the hotels, great value specials in the restaurants and yet with the high taxation on just about everything it makes a dollar not go very far.

There are still a number of backpackers around but far fewer of the high rolling buck spending visitors that a country like this wants.

The anchorage is just about cleaned out. Just 3 cruising boats left here and two of us leaving imminently. The weather has been wild at times, winds of up to 50k through the anchorage certainly sorts the men from the boys! And yet we have been charmed by a family of dolphins who come to the boat regularly. We love 'The Pickled Parrot' bar where I have indulged my cravings with magnificent lobster burgers...

It will be a different season for us on the Rio, no marina this time. Rumour has it that everywhere is very quiet, with most boats left unoccupied for the season. We will see!

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