Thursday, 30 July 2009

The meaning of life.

Do you ever question the meaning of life? I do, at least daily! Not sure that I am any nearer the answer though even after so many years of the same question. Guess the closest I have come is "42", you know, as in "The Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy".

It's a funny thing aging. Yeah all the usual, weight gain, wrinkles, body parts making, and reaching, that far South destination. When God created woman she sure made some cockups in the design features, wonder if I could sue.....

And yet I am finding a curious liberation in the whole process. I rarely look in a mirror these days(many would say that explains a lot), I struggle to mind what people think of me, social acceptance is no longer a prime mover in life. Is that good or bad? Who the f... knows!

Childhood, puberty, adolescence, love, marriage, childbirth, divorce ,remarriage, crisis, bereavement.
All part of the great order of life. How come we get such different experiences each time??What I mean is why is it that my take on each moment of life can be so utterly different from the person standing next to me? Talk about "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"! Still(shrugs shoulders) c'est la vie!

Last night I saw the movie UP , nice look at not leaving things too late, quite a good film really. And how relevant to our life as sailors. So often we see those who leave things too late, life full of regrets and yearnings for what might have been.

I may have many things wrong ( well I really don't think there are that many!), but as I said to TBH at the end of the movie, at least we can't say we didn't try it!, Even if it didn't always work out quite in the way we imagined!

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