Monday, 26 January 2009

A week is a long time...

...well certainly it is in politics!

It can encompass a lot of change on a boat too. We have filled up with diesel. That's a good feeling. I equate it to starting the winter with a good big log pile outside the door. Always made me feel very happy!

We carry 320 litres in our fuel tank and then another 80 litres in cans on deck. That gives us either sufficient fuel for 200 days running the refrigerator etc or some 1000 miles motoring capacity. It has always been adequate for our needs. So we are ready to face the coming months and at a price of 22Q a gallon(U.S.) we have saved some 20% as the price has` dropped over the last month or so. Now that doesn't happen often!

The propane tanks are full 4 x 20lbs giving us a capacity for around a years cruising...

Food lockers are nigh on full, well I'd better be honest they are bulging at the seams. Friend George who returned from Australia last week to his boat here at Mario's kindly picked up a list for me from the city which was much appreciated. Although I am wondering how to use the Spam!

So slowly we are preparing to move... I scrubbed out the galley this week too. Boy was it in a disgusting state. Taking the dinghy off the top of the boat let the sunlight in and revealed the appalling state of my housekeeping. My excuse is that only boring women have immaculate homes.

Curtains are coming down to be washed and cushions cleaned. It's all quite scary really. I have even started to clean the exterior of the boat.

George came over to lunch yesterday and we really enjoyed his company, as well as the excuse to cook roast beef and yorkshire puddings. I was delighted with the old Ausssie cookbook that he gave me. Apparently it was one that his mum used as her culinary bible. Lovely old recipes and advice for the housewife. A recipe for gruel and one for casserole of kangaroo. Mmnn delicious!

So the cleaning continues. Good for the soul TBH tells me...

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