Friday, 16 January 2009

Reading in the rain.

Well it was inevitable I guess. We take the sun awning down to clean it and now we have had nothing but rain... So that mean's lots of leaping up in the middle of the night to close hatches etc. C'est la vie!

It really has been chucking it down here, and chilly too. Ambient temperature has been in the mid 70's, that's 15 degrees colder than usual. I have rooted out blankets for the bed and indulged in a daily baking session to warm the boat up. There's no pleasing some of us is there, it's either too hot or too cold.

The weather having put the kibosh on most boat jobs there is plenty of time to catch up with the reading. The new influx of boaters has bought a much more interesting selection of books to the shelves. I am currently reading a selection of essays by Willie Morris, a writer from the deep south of the USA. It's fascinating to hear about an insider's perspective of a part of the world that I have such a superficial knowledge of. Since we have been here the majority of the boaters we have met come from the South and Texas, Willie's writing helps me understand a little more of the customs and prejudices that mould them!

Willie was a Rhodes Scholar and attended Oxford University. His essay on life there viewed by a Southerner from the USA helps me also to understand how we, as Brits, are perceived by outsiders! Fascinating stuff.

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