Monday, 12 January 2009

Another week, another plan...

The population of the Marina has almost completely changed over the last week or so. Suddenly the bookshelf is full of interesting books and the incidence of 'Norah Roberts' novels has plummeted dramatically- hurrah!

Conversation over morning coffee now ranges from anchors to politics to cookery to movies and back again . Interspersed with some naff humour and toilet jokes. All is right with our little world again!

It's raining and there is a cold front coming. We are vacillating about our plans. Nothing new there then! I am desperate to get away from the dock but we are still busy with the early stages of launching TBH's new product. I know I must be patient but boy it is trying. I keep reminding myself that we are very fortunate to still be out here cruising after 8 years, and still wanting to do more. It is a small price to pay that we must stay put for a while. After all tropical Guatemala is a light year away from the freezing gloom of the UK.

I have found another cookery book fiend here in the form of Carol from Windquest. I am greatly enjoying exchanging cookery books with her and as a result TBH has been savouring some tasty new dishes...not doing anything for our attempt to reduce the waistlines though...

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