Monday, 5 January 2009

Sky blue, with sparkles!

Thank goodness the hormones are beginning to get whipped back into some sort of order! Don't you just love that girls....I know that when God created man she was just having a joke but I do wish more attention had been paid to the endocrine system of us girlies, what a cock-up she made of that little piece of design!

Still, as in all things, hard work and distraction seem to solve most problems and I have begun to take the preparation of the boat in hand. Over the weekend the 'marquee' (massive sun-awning) came down and we have sent it up to the laundry for it's annual clean up. No mean feat when it has just come through its 4th tropical rainy season.

That of course has exposed the sadly neglected decks....yuck. Still no point cleaning those up until we have finished putting all the hardware issues to rights after our time here. Yesterday out came the running backstays and TBH reattached them in their rightful place. When we put the boat 'up' for the season we take off as much line as possible to protect it from UV and make sure there is as little green growth as possible!

Now we can get at the mast again( marquee down) there is no excuse to not get up there to replace the wind instrument and check on the rigging. We had planned to go up this morning but events rather overtook us. TBH's new venture seems to be developing well and as the world returns to work after the holidays his inbox was a bit full...

With three offspring, all rabid entrepreneurs, there is a never ending demand for our opinions, help and proof reading. They all seem to have started the New Year with a bang and we are delighted to be able to be of practical help to them!

So far this morning we've read two scripts, scanned the news for relevant items of interest, checked the weather, done the banking, worked on some email responses and made breakfast.Checked the website, (one offspring's venture), given opinions on 3d imaging software, looked at ideas for a new website... Oh and run the engine to cool the fridge, had coffee and watched CNN and it's only 9.30am....

Hey I'm not moaning - I'm loving it! Maybe depression is actually just another word for boredom. Without doubt the remedy lies in my own hands. Don't you just hate that!

Bring it on baby!

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