Saturday, 20 September 2008

Is it 'cos I is from Europe?

The character of the marina is in a constant state of flux. Depending on the time of year we see a marked change in the people who call this place 'home'. Right now the place is buzzin' as the part-time cruisers start to return to their boats to make ready for their cruising season(Oct-Apr).

We have a number of families on board and there is a constant stream of new arrivals clambering on to the dock with the paraphernalia of boat bits that they are returning with. The restaurant is busy, the daily radio net has lengthened, from under 5 minutes a day to almost 20! The airwaves ring with boats making contact again.

It's like watching an intimate social experiment as folk jostle to find their place in the marina hierarchy! Makes me smile!

So does this...

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