Friday, 12 September 2008


As Hurricane Ike hurtles through the Gulf of Mexico the eyes of the US residents of the marina are firmly fixed to the TV screen in the bar. For many of them this is a part of the world that they know well. Watching the waves already breaking over the sea wall in Galveston, Texas is a sobering sight. Especially when you realise that the actual eye of the storm is still many hours away. The power in the photographs issued by NOAA this morning is awe inspiring. Not a place I want to be!

The wind here early on was coming from a strange direction and there was a view that it may well be caused by the hurricane sucking in all the available energy for miles around, with a width of over 400km across the storm that's not impossible. It is excessively hot and dry, another sign that even our weather down here in Guatemala is being affected by this mega storm.

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