Thursday, 18 September 2008

CNN Mainsail.

CNN, the news station has an excellent monthly programme, MAINSAIL. For a change it is presented by a reporter that really does know and understand the industry. Shirley Robertson, the two times Olympic gold medal holder, has been sailing since the age of seven. It no doubt helps that she is 'easy on the eye' but this girl really does know her stuff.

What a refreshing change that is as she is taken seriously by the interviewees and the resulting films have quality and depth. There is no doubt that sailing covers a massive range from the small dinghy racer to the J class billionaire owner but Shirley is at home with any of them. What that does is ensure that the discussions are full and informative. My kind of TV.

They have just launched a web presence and a couple of interesting pieces feature on their pages, do go and have a look.

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