Thursday, 16 December 2010

Justice, Assange, Sanitary towels.

Just heard Julian Assange has been released by the Judge. At Last.

These are The Royal Courts of Justice in London where Julian Assange is having his bail appeal hearing this morning.

It is Britain in all it's Gothic splendour.
Fingers crossed for him that finally justice will be done and he will be allowed to leave his confinement later today.
Sadly the Judge in this mornings case, Justice Duncan Ousley, has ruled that twitter will not be allowed from the court. Why not? Actually it just confirms the arcane and ridiculous attitudes of British Law. For goodness sake lets not live in the 21st century it's all far too scary for the learned lawyers, I ask you!

The High Court is a intimidating place. Many years ago I had occasion to appear in a case there(civil not criminal!) and I can tell you from personal experience that the echoing stone corridors and severe architecture of the place is quite a sight. Shiny leather benches line the corridors and they are littered with gown clad 'briefs', surrounded by piles of documents all tied up with red ribbon. Their little white wigs perched on top of their heads all add to the surreal experience. I wonder what Julian thinks of it all?

The courts themselves are lofty rooms, sunlight from high windows and old wooden fittings. I remember a dusty smell of old papers and mold!

On a lighter(!) note an ad for sanitary towels has gone viral in Pakistan it reads:

 "WikiLeaks, Butterfly doesn't"

Love it!

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