Saturday, 4 December 2010

Death in El Diamonte

El Diamonte is a well sheltered lagoon on the mainland of Honduras. It's a safe well sheltered anchorage that many boaters use when making their way east.

We have made use of it's protection on a couple of occasions, sitting out strong Northers with 40knots plus of wind in complete safety.Well we will no longer be able to rely on it's safety.

Last night at around 9.30pm a Canadian boat Adena was boarded, the captain shot dead and his daughter(25) left frantically calling for assistance.

Just last week in the adjoining bay a french boat was boarded and robbed by six men carrying guns and machetes.

More news here.


Second Summit said...


Milan sailed with us to Roatan from La Ceiba last spring, when we needed a third person to help handle the ever-fouling foresail. He was charming, gracious, energetic, flexible, and a fine friend for those few days. How awful for him to get killed that way.

I seem to be full of clich├ęs this morning, but my sadness won't brook expression.

How's the Rio taking the news? How are you two taking it?

Gerry said...

Yes it is very sad and disturbing news, particularly in light of the attack on a French boat in a nearby anchorage just a couple of weeks previously.

I didn't know Milan, nor his daughter, but, like you, am sad that a life ends in such a useless way.

How do we feel? Wary,I think would sum it up. We have used El Diamonte on a number of occasions but will be keeping clear for the time being.I accept that Central America is not the safest place in the world to sail but it is a choice that I have made giving due consideration to the information around me. We try to avoid places with a documented bad reputation but are always aware that our safety ultimately depends on our own choices and actions.

Cruisers on the Rio are saddened, some frightened. To be honest my view is that the incident is a reflection of what happens when populations become increasingly desperate for the basic needs for survival, anyone/thing is fair game.