Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Can you believe this...

The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is to remain in jail after the Swedish authorities decided to challenge a decision by a British court to grant him bail on allegations of rape in Stockholm.
A judge in London granted Assange £240,000 bail with strict conditions, including a curfew and the surrendering of his passport.
But when counsel for the prosecution indicated it would appeal, the judge told Assange he would remain in jail until a hearing at a higher court within 48 hours.
Assange's lawyer, Geoffrey Robertson, had asked the City of Westminster magistrates court in London for bail on five conditions: £200,000 in security, surety of £40,000 from two people, a curfew, daily reporting to police, and surrender of his passport. The judge agreed, to much rejoicing among Assange's supporters.
But elation turned to anger as lawyers representing Sweden challenged the decision.
Speaking outside the court, Mark Stephens, one of Assange's lawyers, said: "The prosecution is doing no more than taking instructions from Sweden.
"They are continuing to persecute Mr Assange ... An innocent man is in custody."
The decision followed two hours of confusion as Stephens first said he understood that the prosecution would decline to challenge the court's decision.
Sweden's decision means that the next legal arguments will be heard at the court of appeal. No time has yet been fixed.

From The Guardian

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