Friday, 8 October 2010

Will we...

...manage to leave as planned on Wednesday?

Your guess is probably as good as mine BUT we did start to clean the outside of the boat this morning!
Detergent and scrubbers in hand we were on deck at the crack of sparrows fart, trying to avoid the frazzling tropical sun. With a concerted effort we got all the way from the bow back to the cockpit. A holocaust of spider deaths, good job I'm not buddist, all the rellies wiped out in one swipe!

The old girl, the boat not me, is starting to look like an ocean going vessel again. We are cleaning the green slime away and checking the boat hardware as we go. The teak deck is looking a bit sad, it's really starting to wear. A lifetimes work for TBH to replace the worn planks, mind you we have what seems to be a whole teak tree onboard, cut to just the right size. His current excuse is that the Stanley Plane he needs to complete the work is waiting to come out from the UK with the next visitor, humm.

Currently the dinghy is full of cans waiting to be scrubbed so I must get back to work...

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