Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hurricanes hardly happen... Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire....and Guatemala. but being a bit of a nervy type I am keeping a very close eye on Tropical Storm, soon to be Hurricane Richard.

We are told that there has never been a hurricane hit the Rio but I really, really hate it when people say Never. Certainly nobody here seems too concerned and the thinking is that we are likely to get a great deal of rain but little wind. Certainly that is what we have experienced in the past. And yet...

So I have made sure the batteries are charged, extraneous equipment on deck is well lashed down or bought below. We are anchored in a reasonably sheltered bay with all our chain out and no boats nearby. TBH refuses to consider taking down any canvas and in my heart I am sure he is right but I am a woman and it's my duty to panic from time to time!

This is the latest projection of this troublesome weather systems path, looks like Southern Belize is in line for the major hit.

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