Sunday, 30 May 2010

Volcanoes, floods and storms in Guatemala.

I knew it was raining a lot but the news today of the devastation throughout the country is sobering.
Already suffering as the international airport in Guatemala City remains shut for a further three days after the eruption of the volcano on Friday the country is reeling from a second blow from nature.

The latest toll is 73 dead,the highest rainfall in 60 years in some parts of the country and more than 70,000 evacuated from their homes.

Although the river here has not risen greatly,yet, all traffic to and from the area is greatly limited. No international flights, flooding has closed the main road across Guatemala and the bridge between here and Honduras is under threat. Looks like the only way out soon may be by boat!

We have filled the boat with fuel today in anticipation of a disruption of supplies later in the week. Tropical storm Agatha has given a nasty start to the season of 'tormentas'.


Fred said...

Sorry to be negative, but weren't you a journalist?


Gerry said...

Oh dear! Thank you... What I need is an editor, any offers (smile).