Friday, 7 May 2010

So what now?

So there we go, no definitive Government for Britain. It's not a complete surprise after the exit polls that have been touted around.

Personally I am rather cheered that the British public have made their feelings clear. The 'expenses' debacle MP's have been given their marching orders and there seems to be the glimmer of the start of a moral backlash toward the whole incompetent tribe of politicians. Not before time too in my opinion.

But where does that leave us as a nation? In a pretty dire spot, batten down the hatches and wait for the financial storms to hit.

If I were Cameron I'd take a step back, let Labour and the Lib Dems try a coalition, I don't think they have much chance of it working out. Another election before 12 months is out and the public will be far more willing to follow Cameron. Still it's only my thoughts....

We are preparing for a rough ride financially as exchange rates become more volatile and as the real depth of the economic cuts that HAVE to be made will  begin to hit home.It's not going to be a fun time...

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