Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

It is Mother's Day in the UK. So hoping that my own Mum had a good day, we didn't speak as the boat was on the move....

All my children called which was lovely. For all of them a few pics of our last week.

TBH up the mast changing the decklight bulb. We had terrible trouble getting the old one out until the conceptual breakthrough of using one of the suction hooks from the heads to get a good hold on the old bulb, it worked like a charm!

 Bread making is reaching new and undreamed of heights of excellence.

Watching the sunrise just after 5.30am is an unforgettable moment. Curled in the corner of the cockpit with the first cup of tea of the morning. Listening to the amazingly loud birdsong and ducking as our adopted swallow family swoop under the bimini to have a good look at what is going on...

TBH's latest piece of decorative ropework, a new cover for the grab rail on the sprayhood, and very fine it is too!

Using the oil lamps in the evenings gives a wonderful soft light that is very forgiving to us older girls! Cooking is a picture as the flame glints off the copper and steel cookpots.

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Ken said...

Thank you for the pictures of your well appointed boat, especially of the galley where you probably spend most of your time. Love all of your vignettes! Happy sailing... Ken