Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fishermans Friend..., not the throat lozenge but a group of shanty singers from Port Isaac in Cornwall. From very close to where my family live.

I was amused to read an article about the group in the newspaper.

Cornish fishermen land £1m deal with Take That's label... for an album of sea shanties

With their weathered faces, waterproof clothing and rugged lifestyles they are as different from your average boyband as it's possible to imagine.
But  this group of Cornish fisherman has just signed a major record deal - with the label behind Take That.
The ten-strong Fisherman's Friends, from Port Isaac, signed a deal with Universal said to be worth £1 million.

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TBH loves a good shanty, 'specially when he's doing ropework. Says it makes him feel "nautical", hmm

Port Isaac is where much of the movie 'Saving Grace' was filmed, must be something in the air!

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