Friday, 3 October 2008

Vice President's debate.

Last night we joined the crowd in the bar again to listen to the prospective Vice Presidents of the USA debate.

This much anticipated event drew a big crowd and we settled down to watch the contenders. Expectations were high, would Palin revisit her cringe making TV interview gaffs? Would Biden let his 'motormouth' run wild?

I am very interested to watch the machinations of the US political machine. And to be currently in a community that is principally made up of US citizens gives us a unique opportunity to try and understand the intricacies of another nations most intimate workings.

The debate surprised me on a number of levels. I certainly thought that Palin acquitted herself far better than I had predicted, my sense was that she had worked extremely hard to stick to her real experiences and try and deflect the discussion from territory on which she was uncomfortable. To a certain extent it worked.

I know little of Biden but I was impressed at his grasp of the mechanics of politics, his poise and sensitivity to the issues and his refusal to be deflected from them.

I must say that none of the four players comes out smelling of roses for me. Its a tough and important decision for the USA.

On balance last night I would give the debate to Biden. I particularly liked his response to how he saw his role as VP when he said that Obama wanted him there as somebody who would not be afraid to disagree with the Presidents views and be able to offer an alternative, experienced viewpoint.

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