Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sense and senseless.

As we continue to watch the financial dramas unfold across the world it is interesting to listen to the varying views around the marina. From the well informed to the uninformed there seem to be as many interpretations of the causes and fixes as there are boats on the Rio!

TBH found that with the encouragement of MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) a site, www.baselinescenario.com, has been setup where the professors, alumni etc are trying to bring clear, informed information to any interested parties, I recommend it.It tells you ALL about the global crisis.

As the presidential election in the USA grinds ever onwards, the mud slinging and innuendo continues. What an ignominious sight for the rest of the world to watch. Can't be too much fun for the participants either I would guess.

It's a funny old world!

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