Sunday, 23 December 2007

Bah! Humbug!

We are a little weary this morning. TBH has been trying to restore another cruisers laptop and hit a major problem when his own crashed late last night....after a tense few hours and some phone calls to both the USA and India he managed to reinstall and configure the registry(worse than brain surgery I am led to believe!). We finally made it to sleep around 3am , oh well such is life.

You know I think that computing skills is really similar to witchcraft and magic! Few people really understand the dark arts and to those of us who don't know what is going on it is just a marvel when the 'blue screen of death' is resurrected into an animate object again!

I am set for a busy day, there are so many social events over the next few days here at Mario's marina that I need to get ahead with my cooking contributions. We have a breakfast potluck coming up as well as carol singing and of course Christmas Day potluck...

I am going to start by making the mince pies as soon as I have had breakfast and cleared the decks a bit. Looks like a bomb has gone off down here at the moment. Tiny computer repair tools jumbled in amongst Christmas decorations and 'How to' manuals. Well I guess that's the down side of living in such a small space.

The 'Bah Humbug' part of me, yes even I have a touch of it, has been trying to assert itself. Case of missing the kids, and the cat, fending off a cold that is trying to take hold, and a sentimental longing for snow and crowded's all in the mind though and with a generous dosing of Christmas music, glasses of mulled wine and Chrismas baking I will kick it into touch!

So more choirboys and traditional music to get me back in the mood. These are from King's College, Cambridge. I shall miss listening to the service of nine carols and lessons that will be broadcast from there by the BBC, as it is every Christmas Eve, sorry got to go need to wipe the tears that are gathering in the corner of my eye...

And an excerpt from 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs. An integral part of my children's childhood Christmases , pass the tissues!

That's better! Therapy successful. Just a bloody good job I don't wear mascara here!

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