Monday, 3 December 2007

21 days and counting.

Only 21 days to Christmas!

Told you I would need a lot of understanding in this period coming up to the festivities.....

Our son is intending to come and visit so we have been looking around for some reasonably priced flights. I have found a new, to me, site, which appears to offer a good search service. I have found a route from London to Guatemala at under $800 which I thought was pretty good. We will just have to wait and see whether it is possible to book it now. I get really fed up with these internet sites that offer the greatest deals but twenty phone calls later you give up in disgust as the whole things ends up in being just so much hot air.

My mind is now turning to the list of things that we will want him to carry out for us. Actually I really have to decide on the priorities from the running list that we have tacked up just behind the navigation table. Books, compressor and new toilet seat top the list so far. A nice eclectic mix!

One of the boats here has got their decorations up and there are Christmas trees up in the bar and up in the Bodega by the swimming pool. Looks like I need to get a move on!

I have been going through my recipe books and realising that there is very little chance of finding either brussel sprouts or parsnips out here. Ah well, I will have to improvise, again.

This is a photograph of our tree last year, isn't it lovely? You don't have to answer 'cos I think it's wonderful and that's the main thing!

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