Sunday, 9 December 2007

Tis the season...

...of parties and panto's and such!

Last night the marina was transformed into the venue of a Murder Mystery evening party. Yes I know, what the hell was I doing there! A question that I asked myself at regular intervals during the evening as I struggled to assimilate the myriad of clues that we were trying to prise from each other. The worst thing was trying to remember who was whom, as there were nearly forty 'players'. I am expecting some degree of sympathy here.

Blimey, these Americans really get into the role-playing. It was downright scary at times. The usually mild-mannered Bob was unrecognizable as the mad and bad Lew Natic. His wife even found his rantings frightening. Still the certificate for best role player came his way at the end of the evening - it was richly deserved. I now harbour a sneaky suspicion that Bob has led a previous life as either a Hollywood B list Celeb or a conman. Come to think of it the two are much the same aren't they?

I was stunned at the glamorous frocks that so many of the cruisers (female ones) managed to find in their boats. Where do they wear these things? Why haven't I got one? Is there a whole cruising social life going on that I don't know about? They even had HIGH HEELED shoes, wow. I mean these days we are hard pushed to find even a pair of trainers on board that fit. We go barefoot and at most wear a pair of reef sandals.

Cleavages abounded, fancy hairdo's to the left and the right. Goodness only knows what the local staff made of the whole event! It was good fun, I think...

My costume malfunctions rendering me blind from time to time I felt that I lost the sense of 'flow' to the evening. I was either retying the turban or avoiding falling in the water ('cos I couldn't see f..... all through the dark glasses I was wearing) and then there was the ever constant danger of skewering myself on either the foot square wooden pentacle that I had slung around my neck or kebabing my neighbors on the end of the large golfing umbrella I carried. What a night.

I felt like a cross between Barry Gibb of the Beegees and Demis Roussos an extremely large kaftan-clad Greek singer from the70's. My character, Mambo Phillipa Macumbo (!), a Voodoo priestess, certainly taxed the wardrobe resources of the boat! Ending up with all silky components the whole time passed in clutching either the descending satin pyjama trousers, retrieving wayward silk sarongs or fighting with slippy nylon turbans... I am a physical and emotional wreck this morning.

Still, much to my surprise, I won the prize for best costume. I have a nasty feeling it was awarded for the person who made the biggest fool of themselves, hey ho!

TBH confused the crowd with his obvious affection for the clinging stuffed monkey that he wore slung around his neck, I mean what sort of guy has one of those on the boat?

I regret that there are no photos or video of this event. It seemed safer from possible legal threats that there be no record of the occasion..

Just in case you are missing the photo's and video clips I thought I would treat everyone to the promo clip for another British seasonal tradition the visit to the ballet. As soon as my daughters were old enough, probably three or four we would troop in to London the week before Christmas to see a production of 'The Nutcracker'. Unfortunately they grew out of this treat too quickly for my liking so I would resort to rounding up stray children from friends and acquaintances and subjecting them to what was really my fantasy of life!

Sadly this version of the Nutcracker had not hit the stage before we left and so I make do with this delightful teaser of a revamped old favourite. I admire Matthew Bourne's( the choreographer) quirky style. He bought us the aggressive male swans in 'Swan Lake' and the Burton inspired version of 'Edward Scissorhands'.


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