Sunday, 26 September 2010

My family's crazy gap year.

Just caught up with this series from the UK, My Family's Crazy gap Year. First set of programmes followed a couple on an amazing jaunt around the world and this set follows a couple on their sailing adventure...
You'll find all the episodes on YouTube.


OMG that first episode had me cringing in my seat, and yet we too were that inexperienced once!
But with two small children in tow, certainly not for the faint-hearted. I can empathize with their wonder at how quickly conditions change, how fear arrives and the speed at which you can recover.

I was so pleased that they finally slowed down and started to smell the roses, what's the rush? Just a chase to get miles under the keel or a truly life changing experience.Their learning curve was immensely steep and with potentially lethal consequences, thank goodness they all survived.

You can read their blog here.

England to Marquesas in eight months. Not for me. I love the slow pace of life, the understanding of a culture that can only be experienced over time. maybe it's my age!

What struck me was how new their clothes looked and how many white ones they had when they started and how as time went by the colours became significantly darker!! Think I need to do some internet shopping...

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