Sunday, 19 September 2010

Avast there ye landlubbers ye!

Twas on the good ship K..... I did spy this fore noon an ancient and barnacl'd old salt aloitering aroun' the forstay of me ship.

A hangin' thair in me riggin' repelling boarders, dragonflies and any man a downwind o' him!

His swarthy countenance  makin' me girlish heart a swoon wi desire, okay so I don't get out much...
'Ahoy there me hearty' says I. 'come below wi' me and I'll show yee sum fancy knotting!'
'Belay yur blatherin' wench and get thee t' galley. It's vittals that a pirate o' these parts is wantin, damnation to the knottin' I wants me grub!'

Oh well such is life... Let's be grateful that 'Speak like a Pirate Day' only comes round once a year.

And this lovely dragonfly stopped by to observe the strange habits of humans who have been alone on a boat just that bit too long...

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