Monday, 15 February 2010

Feeling Good!

Well as we leave Monkey Bay Marina after a month of intensive work we are feeling quietly pleased with ourselves.

We have fixed the new throttle control onto the pedestal, if you recall the last one had started to stick at the most inopportune moments!
Whilst doing that we also serviced the steering pedestal bearings and put on a new whell brake system-which actually works...

Fitted new running lights, fore and aft to replace the VERY expensive ones destroyed by lightning. Just plain old tech ones again, with plenty of spare bulbs.

Full engine service, changed oil, oi and fuel filters and new fan belt.

Finally discovered fault with Pactor and that has now beensent to Germany, repaired and is on its way back to us. I think this job caused the most grief on the boat as TBH struggled to find the fault. Replacing the SSB radio and Antaenna tuner in the process. The problem was that the pactor had developed an intermittent fault which was most unhelpful of it! Anyay the great guys in Germany have repaired it for $150 rather than buying a new one at $1200...Nice!

Varnished the cockpit coaming, binnacle, cockpit table, washboards to a gleaming perfection. Far to good to take out sailing.

Permanently fixed the new fishfinder/depth gaugue to the binnacle, routing wires round the whole boat, fixing transducer to the hull and wiring all to the now defunct auto-pilot.

Repaired the shower drain pump in the foward heads. serviced both loos, fitting new parts to both.

Dimantled cleaned and replaced the gas burners on my beloved Taylors stove. She's now working better than ever with clean blue flames and unblocked jets.

Repaired a damaged portlight surround with epoxy.

Repaired some upholstery fabric on the forward cabin stool.

Replaced two damaged teak planks on deck, more to do but it's an ongoing joy that one!

Cleaned, restitched and rewaterproofed the sprayhood.
Cleaned, restitched and rewaterproofed the bimini.

Made new splices for the chain hook rope.

Revived batteries.

fixed small leak in one hatch and serviced fixings on remainder.

replaced a damaged mirror in one of the heads

Repaired stitching on the sailcover.

Not bad huh!

TBH has just returned with a dinghy full of stuff so time to stow and away!! See you....

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Mick said...

another couple of years and you'll be able to start all over again!!